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This Service is NOT active yet, please check back...

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Where's the money to be made in auctions?  We look to help answer this question...

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Auctions & Products of interest!

  • Auctions - Some of the best online auctions from around the world. And, info on offline/local auctions throughout the U.S.
  • Product -  Featured products of interest, general products, and products by category - some that we sell (via our affiliations), and many that are sold via numerous online auction sites around the world!
  • Services -  Assisting our clients with investigating & analyzing auction opportunities for a new or expanded business that they'd like help with.
  • And, providing insight into the numerous auction sites, auction services, and software designed to make your auctioning efforts payoff! That is - whether you are a buyer or a seller - there's something here for you to aid in your research and use of those auction sites, services, and/or products that you are interested in.'s selection of free ebooks to aid you with your auction interests & auction-oriented Website creation...

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uBid is the marketplace you can trust!

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My Easy Auction buying & selling made easy


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My Easy Auction buying & selling made easy

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Auction Sites of Interest

Wigix Inc. - - they call their site the "community driven marketplace" where you can bull, sell, research and track items for sale, and share information. lists the items for sale in what are called "catalogs" which you can add pages to. The catalogs have a wide selection of categories, similar to what you see on other auction sites like

They have a community environment where you can share tips & tricks on buying and selling, and you can review & comment on information posted on their discussion boards and blogs.

Silkfair, LLC  - - they explain on the About Silkfair Web page where the auction site's name originated from, the "Silk Route" or "Silk Road" from ancient civilizations...

Their aim is to be a premier e-commerce Web site for buying & selling of goods online. The categories of items for sale rival those of, and other sites that have a broad mix of items for sale.

You can open your own (free) store on with free listings and a unique URL. Your store can include selling with video and back up your selling effort with a discussion board and blog for each of your stores that you open. And, they let you link to your existing rating (for those who are selling merchandise on!

Etsy Inc. - - here's an auction site focused on handmade items, exclusively. There is an extensive range of categories of handmade items and crafts to choose from.

Sellers register for a "shop" to sell their products under a very reasonable fee structure.

A unique area of the auction site is their "Alchemy" section where you can post requests for hand-made items and others can bid on making them for you!

Similar to the other auction sites noted above, has an Community section where you can find out about teams that have formed, chat with others, attend workshops ("virtual labs" as calls them), review & post comments in their forums, and find out the latest news and articles related to the handmade products and the handmade movement.

Oodle, Inc. - - this an auction Website takes a different approach in that they have sellers post "ads" for items that they want to sell. Ad postings are also pulled in from numerous other ad-posting sites and social networks. You can even receive an alert when the item you are looking for (or personal match) is found!

Popular ad categories on include for example: Cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats  real estate, for rent, jobs, pets, tickets, and even Heavy Equipment. has a "personals" section where they show postings (picture & brief write-up) on individuals from other personal listings Websites and social networks.

more auction sites to follow...


So What's YOUR favorite
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Auction - the definition per Wikipedia
(as entered 7/22/08 a.m.)

"An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder. In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange."